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LEt Me Make A RAp Song aBoUT yOU

LEt Me Make A RAp Song aBoUT  yOU

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Published 11 of October / 03:51hs
Province Guangdong

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give me your favorite topic
just give me a lil bit of outline of what u want to happen.
your achievements
what u want to become in life
or what kind of feel do you want
do you want over a fast beat or slow beat
a popular tune, you want me to make a tune for you
tell me.
is this for a bday,for a wedding,for a party.want it serious or funny.. tell me
what style ya want tell me.
what topic ya want
2 stanzas, or 3 stanzas?
you want a hook with that?
tell me.
im gonna make magic on it only in English Language, but tell me what language you want, i can hook you up.
email me at
or visit my website at
hit me up